Skylights are a great addition to any home or commercial space that needs to bring in more natural light. In addition to reducing the amount of artificial lights required to brighten your space, it also provides an additional outlet for ventilation. 

Solar shades skylight replacement in North Easton, MA

Because of the benefits that skylights provide, manufacturers have found ways to make these windows more energy efficient. Options are available to homeowners and commercial property owners to improve the energy efficiency for both already installed skylights and new cut-ins. 

Are Skylights Energy Efficient?

Before deciding to install a new cut-in skylight within a space, many homeowners and commercial property owners worry about the energy efficiency of skylights. Through insulated glazing, heat-absorbing tints, low-e coatings, blinds or shades, and proper installation, skylights can help you save money on energy bills. 

The greatest concern with skylights is draftiness. By getting your skylight installed through an experienced contractor, you should not experience any issues with draftiness from a new skylight. Oftentimes, drafts come from improper installation or older skylights that are showing signs of wear and tear. When installing or replacing a skylight, make sure you only work with an experienced skylight contractor, such as the ones at Synergy Skylights. 

Reduced Need for Artificial Lights

Skylights reduce the need for artificial lighting, effectively lowering the cost of electricity bills for homeowners and commercial property owners. During the day, skylights allow sunlight to brighten a space through the roof and ceiling, lighting up a room similar to how artificial lighting would. This avoids the need for too much artificial lighting during the daytime. With the artificial lights turned off during daylight hours, you can reduce your electricity bills. 

Understanding Energy Ratings

Home energy ratings measure a home’s energy efficiency through standards established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy. Certifications for Energy Star products show consumers that they use less energy and reduce harmful power plant emissions that could harm the environment. 

Energy Star skylights have helped lower household energy bills by 12 percent across the United States. Installing an Energy Star rated skylights ensures homeowners that they are installing the most energy efficient options for their home. This allows them to enjoy the benefits of a skylight, such as improved daylight, without compromising the energy efficiency of a space. Old skylights can be replaced with more energy efficient options to help homeowners lower the cost of energy bills from an existing skylight. 

Energy Efficient Skylights Tax Credit

Solar power skylights and shades also qualify for a tax credit. Through installing solar shades or solar powered skylights, homeowners could receive up to a 30% federal tax credit. It is best to consult with your skylight contractor if you are interested in trying to qualify for the federal tax credit through your skylight installation project. Our contractors at Synergy Skylight work with VELUX products that can help you qualify for the federal tax credit for your new skylight. 

Are VELUX Skylights Energy Star Rated?

VELUX supports the sustainable living movement through the production of their skylights. 90% of their production in the United States was ENERGY STAR qualified, reducing carbon emissions and optimizing energy performance for their skylights. 

Synergy Skylights is proud to be a certified VELUX Signature installer and  service provider for Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. 


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