The SKylight Addition Process (NEW CUT-IN)

As humans, we crave airy spaces flooded with natural daylight, which makes the addition of skylights one of the most impactful remodeling projects that you can do for a home or office. Daylight and fresh air naturally add drama to any space, making it more beautiful, healthy and energy efficient. Our mission is to bring these elements into as many homes as possible.

It is a misconception that skylights can only be added into a cathedral ceiling. While that is a great place for a skylight, it is not the only place it can be added. Skylights can be added to many different spaces, ceilings, and roof types. This is called a “new cut in,” which requires opening the roof, framing the area for the skylight, and creating a watertight seal. The final phase of the new skylight installation is to seamlessly tie in the interior finish work to make it look as though the skylight was always there. Synergy Skylights walks you through the process from design, product selection, to complete installation.