New Skylights (new cut-ins)
Lincoln, Massachusetts

Project Snapshot

Before we met this homeowner, we didn’t think we would ever meet someone as obsessed with natural light as we are. Well, we met our match. We first worked with this homeowner when we installed Sun Tunnels in her home in order to add light to a dark stairwell and bathroom. She was so impressed with how the natural light illuminated her home that she decided to add two venting skylights to her ill-lit living room.

Not only did she love the idea of more light, but she fully understood the ability of skylights to introduce considerable fresh air into our living spaces. After some consulting, she decided on two VELUX Solar Fresh Air Skylights with Light filtering solar shades in white. Additionally, she also chose to incorporate VELUX Active. VELUX Active is an automated system that connects to your home Wi-Fi to help maintain desirable indoor air quality.

The system monitors C02, temperature and humidity and will trigger your skylights and/or solar shades to open and close automatically to improve those conditions when needed. This homeowner truly took advantage of all of the benefits provided by sun tunnels, skylights and the VELUX Active technology in order to improve the health and quality of her home.

To say she loved the new skylights is an understatement.

The Skylight Products:


Solar Venting “Fresh Air” deck mounted skylights with Light Filtering Solar Shades (white)