Roof and Skylight Replacement
Waterford, Connecticut

Project Snapshot

The homeowner reached out to us having already done extensive research on his roof and skylight replacement. Due to the complexity of the project, he was struggling to find a contractor who was extremely knowledgeable on both the roofing process AND the skylight process. After a brief phone conversation and a few email exchanges,, we scheduled a visit to take a closer look.

During our initial meeting, we measured the existing skylights and found there were a mix of flat glass skylights and acrylic domed skylights. We determined the majority of the current skylights were an odd size and would not accommodate standard size VELUX skylights. *It is not uncommon that we resize openings in order to accommodate a standard size VELUX skylight. Standard sized skylights give the homeowner a wider range of venting and shading options.

After much consultation, the homeowner chose VELUX Custom Fixed Curb Mounted Skylights in order to reduce the amount of interior work that would be needed for standard size skylights. However, we did include one standard size Velux Solar Venting Skylight in a much needed high moisture area of the bathroom. All of the skylights required custom trim on the inside, which gave the project a beautiful finished look.

After we determined the skylight products, we then took a deep dive into the roofing system. We educated the homeowner on a number of GAF products and discussed the entire roof replacement process from start to finish. Ultimately, the homeowner chose the GAF Timberline HDZ Shingle with underlayment components from GAF in order to qualify for the extended Systems Plus Warranty from GAF. This roof replacement was done in tandem with the skylights replacement, which is often times a best practice that we recommend to help ensure your roofing system components are working together in perfect synergy.

The Products

Roofing Materials

GAF Timberline HDZ Weathered Wood

Skylights (VELUX)

Custom Fixed Curb Mounted Skylights (Custom FCM)
Solar Venting Fresh Air Skylight (bathroom)
Custom Acrylic double dome with clear domes