Skylight Replacement
North Easton, Massachusetts

Project Snapshot

On occasion, we run into large custom skylights that were once made by the window company, Pella. These skylights are self supported in the middle, meaning when the skylight is removed, one large hole, or rough opening, remains.



Unfortunately, they no longer manufacture these products, so when they need to be replaced, it requires some creativity. This homeowner came to us after meeting with other companies who suggested replacing their existing Pella skylight with one large custom skylight.

While this is a possibility, one large custom skylights means no options for venting or VELUX solar which are both vital in improving indoor air quality and regulating heat loss and heat gain.

Once we educated the homeowner on these benefits, they agreed that the best solution was to frame in the existing opening to accommodate six standard size VELUX skylights.

We were able to incorporate a mix of fixed and venting skylights all with solar shades which allowed the homeowner to qualify for a 30% federal tax credit.

The Skylight Products:


Solar Venting “Fresh Air” deck mounted skylights with Light Filtering Solar Shades (white)

Fixed Deck Mounted Skylights with Light Filtering Solar Powered Shades (white)