Sun Tunnel Installation
Holliston, Massachusetts

Project Snapshot

This homeowner reached out looking for a solution to improve the natural light in several dark spots in her home. 

Due to the roofing structure, skylights were not a good option that’s where the Sun Tunnel comes in.





A tubular sun tunnel can transport and reflect glowing, white natural light into spaces where skylights and vertical windows cannot.

It requires zero electricity and is much more appealing than artificial yellow light.

We also included solar night lights that hang within the tube of the Sun Tunnel.

As soon as there is no more daylight, the solar night light, which is battery operated, emits enough light to perform low light tasks, such as passing through a room.


These three new Sun Tunnels greatly improved the natural light in dimly lit areas of her home that could not accommodate traditional skylights.

The Skylight Products:


Rigid 10” and 14” inch Sun Tunnels with Solar Night lights.