Educate, Estimate, Install

What can you expect from a Synergy Skylights experience?

First and foremost. We strive to be excellent communicators. We want you to feel informed every step of the way. The process always starts with a phone call or an email. We will gather pertinent information about your situation regarding your existing skylights or your idea for a new cut-in, your roof, and your house in general. We will use this information to create your customer profile, and to make sure we come to our initial onsite inspection fully prepared.

Initial Visit

This will consist of a thorough inspection of the current skylight and roof, or the roof area and interior location where a new skylight or sun tunnel will be. After the inspection, we will go over all of your replacement skylight and new skylight cut in options in detail to be sure the products chosen best suit your individual needs.

Proposals and Quotes

You will receive a professional proposal/quote outlining all of the work to be performed, and the costs associated with it. Our pricing is clear and transparent. We include any contingencies that may arise in our proposal such as the need for interior work, or potential unforeseen construction issues.


Once we receive a deposit and signed contract, we will begin scheduling an installation date. We strive to schedule the installation as soon as possible, though there are a few variables that contribute to timing. Including: weather, manufacturing of specialty products, peak season etc. On the date of installation, the interior of your home will be protected from any debris or dirt that may fall in. We will complete the installation. Once complete, we will make sure the area is cleaned and the room returned to its previous condition.. After the installation and cleanup is complete, we will go over maintenance and operations for your new products.


What is your relationship with Velux?

Synergy Skylights is a Velux Signature Skylight Specialist, trained and certified by Velux to install the full portfolio of Velux’s residential and commercial products. In addition, we are a Velux Solutions Service Provider for Massachusetts, we are the only local company authorized by Velux to do warranty work on Velux products.

Do you offer financing?

Yes! We have partnered with Enhancify to offer you affordable payment options for any home improvement project. Click here to find out more. 

Can I repair my 20-30 year old skylight?

The answer to this question depends on what is wrong with the skylight. Typically there are no longer parts available for older units and it is in your best interest to replace the skylight.

Should I install a fixed or venting skylight?

It is our opinion that to get the full benefit of a skylight, it should have the ability to vent. Venting skylights are the very best way to either cool down or freshen up a space. Although fixed skylights can be an economic option, it is not recommended to use fixed skylights in high moisture areas such as a kitchen or a bath.

What is the difference between a deck mount and curb mounted skylight?

To put it simply, a deck mounted skylight sits directly on the roof deck, where a curb mounted skylight is mounted to a curb. The curb is mounted to the roof deck. Synergy Skylights will help determine which application is appropriate for your home as the correct application is determined by roof pitch and roofing type.

How old is an old skylight?

This question is asked a lot, and it is a hard one to answer definitively. There are many factors here. Generally speaking, the skylights that were installed on your home years ago typically have a shelf life between 20-30 years. It is important to note that a skylight is part of a roofing system, if your roof was recently replaced and the skylights were left, this can certainly expedite the shelf life.

I have always heard “skylights leak”, why should I trust a VELUX Skylight?

Like many products, skylights have changed tremendously over the past 15-20 years. VELUX is the leading manufacturer in skylights and they do it extremely well. In 2007 VELUX redesigned their skylight and introduced the “No Leak Skylight”. The design of this skylight is completely different from the skylights used 20-30 years ago. With such a strong warranty, VELUX and Synergy Skylights are more than confident that leaking skylights are a thing of the past.

How long does the replacement take?

A single skylight replacement can take anywhere from three to six hours depending on many variables such as roof height, roof pitch, skylight size, existing roof conditions etc.

Does a replacement require any interior work?

While a VELUX to VELUX replacement typically does not require any interior work, there are situations where some interior trim work may be required. We always try to make our customers aware of this fact up front so they are prepared for any costs which may be incurred for such work. Also, if the existing skylight was leaking for a prolonged period of time, the customer may decide to have us repair the surrounding interior.

Will my new skylight look the same as my old skylight?

The major aesthetic change to VELUX skylights in the past fifteen years is in the transition from stain grade interior to a white primed interior. Parts and pieces will also look a bit different, but the general use and functionality will remain the same.

What’s the difference between a roof window and a skylight?

Although we often see the term used interchangeably, there is a true difference. A skylight is meant to be out of reach and typically has a way to open the unit either electronically or with a pole. A roof window is meant to be within reach and its operation can be done by hand. A roof window is traditionally a European style of skylight. There is some crossover, as skylights often can be used in “in-reach” places but roof windows are hard to operate out of reach. Being in New England we see a large number of roof windows ready for replacement.