Many people are surprised to learn that we also offer full roof replacements. Once you understand the synergistic relationship between Skylights and the Roofing System, it makes perfect sense.

The average roof in New England lasts between 20-25 years, so if you are ready for a full replacement, Synergy Skylights is the best choice. What makes us the best choice for a roof replacement? There are multiple penetrations on your roof (pipes, chimneys, vents, and of course skylights), and we specialize in waterproofing the largest opening on your roof, so when it comes to smaller openings, it’s not a problem for Synergy Skylights and Roofing.

We offer roofing services when necessary to accompany the skylight replacement or new skylight cut-ins.

GAF certified weather stopper roofing contractor.
Completed roofing services on a single family residential home in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.

Building the Perfect Roofing System

Building the perfect roofing system first starts with quality components from a trusted manufacturer, that’s why we choose GAF. North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, GAF is always working on new and better ways to protect homes, buildings and our planet. They are committed to making their products better, stronger, safer and in more sustainable ways that are faster and easier to install. We are a trusted contractor to GAF and proud to be in their installer program as a Certified GAF Installer. Being a certified installer means we can offer the Systems Plus Warranty, an extended warranty for maximum protection and peace of mind.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what makes a perfect roof replacement:

Step 1: Remove old roofing material

Strip the old shingles off the roof. This is a best practice and it allows us to uncover any problematic areas on your roof deck. Your roof deck is the plywood or deck boards that sit on top of your framing, and foundation of your roof. Before we start building a new system, we inspect the roof deck for any signs of water and replace any rotting plywood.

Step 2: Building the Roofing System. From bottom to top, we work to protect your roof deck and your home.

Example roofing system.

Drip Edge

The first component installed is drip edge. Drip edge is an angled piece of metal flashing that is installed over top of a fascia board. The purpose of the drip edge is to help redirect water from the fascia and into the gutters. The gutters then carry this water away. Drip edges are installed on the rake, eaves, and gable of your roof. It also helps protect the roof from wind driven rain around the edges and perimeter of the roof.

Leak Barrier

Popularly referred to as Ice and Water shield, this membrane creates a barrier at the most vulnerable parts of your roof. As a standard the leak barrier is applied to the eaves, rakes, pipes, chimneys, vents, valleys, skylights and any other transition or penetration on your roof. This can be a roof saver when battling ice dams here in New England.

Roof Deck Protection

In the past, felt paper was used to cover the remaining uncovered roof deck. Today, with advances in technology, synthetic underlayment is now the preferred product. This product provides longer lasting protection to your roof deck.

Starter Strip Shingles

Tasked in providing the first layer of adhesive for each course of shingles that come after it, the starter strip shingle is installed at the eaves and the rakes to help reduce shingle blow off.

The Shingle

GAF offers a wide variety of shingles, but there is no question that the Timberline HDZ is the most popular. With a beautiful dimensional look their #1 selling shingles is backed by Layerlock Technology, Windproven and the industries best Stainguard Plus Algae Protection. If you are looking for ultimate protection, try GAF’s Timberline UHDZ (Ultra HDZ) shingle for a more dramatic shadow line.

GAF Timberline HDZ High Definition Shingles.


To help reduce damaging heat and moisture in your attic, we install or replace the existing ridge vent which allows heat and moisture to escape evenly from your attic. It is important to know that without proper intake (at your eaves) there cannot be proper outtake.

Hip and Ridge Shingles

The finishing touch. Color matched shingles called the Hip and Ridge shingles are added to high stress transitions on your roof for ultimate protection.

Roofing system with shingles, Cobra attic ventilation, roof deck protection, strip shingles, leak barrier and ridge cap shingles.

What Can You Expect During a Roof Replacement?

While it’s true that if you hire a reputable roofing contractor, many of the components and warranties will be the same. The day and the days leading up the roof replacement can be overwhelming and stressful if you don’t hire the right contractor. We pride ourselves in setting expectations, providing clear and constant communication and making the process as easy as possible for you. We take care of organizing the pickup and drop off of dumpsters, roofing materials, as well as coordinating the town/city permitting.

It is a top priority to protect your home during the replacement. This includes protecting your home’s exterior and the landscaping around it. Once the old roof has been removed, we get to work removing the debris and return your home’s exterior to how it was before we arrived. Once it’s all picked up, we do a thorough magnetic sweep to pick up the majority of the remaining nails that came off of your roof. Did you know thousands of nails come off your roof during a replacement? Nobody can claim to get them all, but it doesn’t stop us from trying.

If you are looking for a trustworthy contractor who does what they say they will do, give us a call today!

Shingles replacement for a skylight replacement project in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.

GAF Certified Contractor

Synergy Skylights is proud to be a GAF Certified Contractor and offer the Weather Stopper System Plus Limited Warranty.

Why we choose GAF


Stainguard Plus Algae Protection: Protect your roof investment with algae resistance so powerful it allows us to offer a 25/30 year limited warranty against blue-green algae discoloration. HDZ 25 Years for StainGuard Plus- Ultra HDZ 30 Years for StainGuard Plus PRO™

GAF Windproven infinite wind speed protection.

Windproven: An industry first. Timberline UHDZ and HDZ® Shingles are eligible for a 15-year limited wind warranty with no maximum wind speed limitation.

GAF Layerlock technology.

Layerlock Technology: Get up to a 99.9% nailing accuracy with StrikeZone™ Layerlock™ technology mechanically fuses the common bond between overlapping shingle layers. This gives the roof added protection and why GAF can offer an UNLIMITED wind warranty

GAF Certified Weather Stopper Roofing Contractor.