As you know, skylights sit on the roof. What you may not know is your roof is part of a system which is designed to work together to keep your home ventilated and protected. By default, skylights are integrated into that roofing system. We offer roofing services when necessary to accompany the skylight replacement or new skylight cut-ins. During our initials assessment, we will determine the age and condition of your roof, and based on this information, we will make our recommendation to you.

At a minimum, on a skylight replacement we will have to replace the shingles immediately surrounding the skylight. In most cases, with the exception of a very new roof if we use the same brand and color of shingle there can still be slight discrepancies in the shingle match. In some instances, we may choose not to replace the skylight unless that entire section of shingles and roofing is also replaced. This is usually the case with roofs older than 15 years, or in areas that get little sunlight and/or have excessive tree cover.

Synergy Skylights is proud to be a GAF Certified Contractor and offer the Weather Stopper System Plus Limited Warranty.