Skylights, like many things, have an expiration date. This date can vary based on manufacturer, roof condition, product and weather elements. The average life expectancy of a skylight ranges from 20 to 30 years. In most cases, a skylight needs to be replaced within this time frame. Replacing a skylight ranges in complexity, therefore it is beneficial to consult a skylight specialist to help educate you through the process. Synergy Skylights has extensive product knowledge, and experience in construction and remodeling necessary to create a skylight replacement solution that both meets your needs and your budget.

VELUX offers a wide variety of replacement options. Skylights are available in a variety of styles, offering an energy-efficient glazing, shades/blinds, solar options, and electronic opening systems meant to improve your homes energy efficiency.


As humans we crave airy spaces flooded with natural daylight which makes the addition of skylights one of the most impactful remodeling projects that you can do for a home or office. Daylight and fresh air naturally add drama to any space making it more beautiful, healthy and energy efficient. Our mission is to bring these elements into as many homes as possible.

It is a misconception that skylights can only be added into a cathedral ceiling. While that is a great place for a skylight, it is not the only place it can be added. Skylights can be added to many different spaces, ceilings, and roof types. This is called a “new cut in,” which requires opening the roof, framing the area for the skylight, and creating a watertight seal. The final phase of the new skylight installation is to seamlessly tie in the interior finish work to make it look as though the skylight was always there. Synergy Skylights walks you through the process from design, product selection, to complete installation.

Product Offerings


Solar “Fresh Air Skylight”

The Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylight features a solar panel that captures any available daylight and uses it to recharge a highly efficient, fully concealed battery powered operator and control system. The battery powered operator is the power source that opens and closes the skylight. A rain sensor is built in to close the unit in the event that inclement weather arises while you’re away.

Manual “Fresh Air Skylight

The VELUX Manual “Fresh Air” Skylight is a simple, straightforward, and stunning as they come. Rather than using electric or solar-powered components, this skylight opens and closes by hand with a smooth turning handle for in-reach applications and a rod for out-of-reach ones. Like our other venting skylights, this one enables any home to embrace the very best of what nature has to offer: daylight and fresh air.

Fixed Skylight

The VELUX Fixed Skylight allows you to have natural light in areas of your home you’d never thought possible! Whether your space is set up as a work area, game room, man cave, or an art studio, you can add natural light and a sky view with fixed skylights.

Go Solar Option

(SAVE MONEY BY GOING SOLAR 26% tax credit available)

VELUX designed the Go Solar Initiative by bundling our products that reduce energy consumption and actively fine-tune your home’s climate in order to bring you more savings for taking a step in a greener direction.

GO SOLAR FAMILY (items eligible for tax credit)

  • Solar “Fresh Air Skylight”
  • Manual “Fresh Air” Skylight with factory-installed solar-powered blinds (pleated room-darkening or pleated light filtering)
  • Fixed Skylight with factory-installed solar-powered blinds (pleated room-darkening or pleated light filtering)

Solar Blinds

Battery powered blinds that use a small solar panel to keep the battery fully charged and operated simply with a remote control.

Double pleated room darkening solar blinds

This double pleated skylight blind can convert day into night, blocking even the brightest sunlight, which makes it ideal for rooms that require total room darkening, such as bedrooms. The skylight blind is solar powered and therefore does not require wiring at installation.

Room darkening skylight blind can improve your energy performance up to 45%!

Single pleated light filtering solar blinds

No longer is direct sunlight an issue. The VELUX light filtering skylight blind softens and diffuses the light that will enter your room. Perfect for rooms where diffused light is desired such as kitchens and living rooms. Offers both protection and good looks.

Light filtering skylight blind can improve your energy performance up to 39%!

Roof Windows

Although we often see the term used interchangeably, there is a true difference. A roof window is meant to be within reach and its operation can be done by hand. This is a great option for an attic space conversion or rooms over a garage.

Types of Roof Windows:


Put fresh air at your fingertips with a top hinged VELUX roof window. A top hinged roof window is easy to operate – even with furniture beneath. Simply rotate the handle and push out.

Center Pivot

Much like a top-hinged, the center-pivot is easy to operate. Simply pull down the control bar and pull down. You can leave it open just a crack or pivot all the way in for maximum ventilation

Cabrio-Balconcy Roof Window

Enjoy a balcony instantly – VELUX CABRIO goes from roof window to balcony in seconds Roof window or balcony? You decide: the top half opens like a traditional roof window.

Sun Tunnels

Sun tunnels, often referred to as “tubular skylights”, offer a unique option for bringing daylight into spaces that would not be suited for a skylight or a vertical window. Such as an interior bathroom or walk-in closet. Sun tunnels have a nice interior look, akin to a recessed light, with many optional accessories such as a solar nightlight, and multiple diffuser options. If you have a dark hallway, or closet on the second floor a new sun tunnel installation could be the perfect cost effective option for bringing more light to your life.

Sun tunnel skylights

Domes/Commercial Units

Synergy Skylights offers many solutions for the commercial environment as well. Old acrylic domes also referred to as “bubble skylights” have received many upgrades over the years and are a cost effective solution for any commercial space looking to rely less on artificial lights. We have partnered with the leading manufacturers of acrylic and polycarbonate domes, smoke vents, and commercial daylighting products to offer a comprehensive portfolio of options for any application.

Structural Glass

In order to offer our clients as many daylighting options as possible, Synergy Skylights is trained and certified from WASCO and VELUX to install and service all of their structural glass options, including but not limited to their Pinnacle, Classic Pyramid, Low Profile Systems and VELUX Modular Systems (VMS). These systems offer unique solutions to both commercial and residential locations, offering beautiful architectural details and maximum daylighting capabilities.


Synergy Skylights is a certified VELUX and WASCO service provider, offering a wide range of skylight maintenance and skylight repair options for our clients. Whether you have a five year old skylight, or a fifteen year old structural glass unit, we have the ability to access, assess, and repair your unit.


As you know, skylights sit on the roof. What you may not know is your roof is part of a system which is designed to work together to keep your home ventilated and protected. By default, skylights are integrated into that roofing system. We offer roofing services when necessary to accompany the skylight replacement or new skylight cut-ins. During our initials assessment, we will determine the age and condition of your roof, and based on this information, we will make our recommendation to you.

At a minimum, on a skylight replacement we will have to replace the shingles immediately surrounding the skylight. In most cases, with the exception of a very new roof if we use the same brand and color of shingle there can still be slight discrepancies in the shingle match. In some instances, we may choose not to replace the skylight unless that entire section of shingles and roofing is also replaced. This is usually the case with roofs older than 15 years, or in areas that get little sunlight and/or have excessive tree cover.