In order to offer our clients as many daylighting options as possible, Synergy Skylights is trained and certified from WASCO and VELUX to install and service all of their structural glass options, including but not limited to their Pinnacle, Classic Pyramid, Low Profile Systems and VELUX Modular Systems (VMS). These systems offer unique solutions to both commercial and residential locations, offering beautiful architectural details and maximum daylighting capabilities.

Structural Glass Skylight Options

Synergy Skylights is a certified Wasco and VELUX service provider ready to help you with any structural glass skylight installation that you may want. We work with high-quality materials that come in a wide variety of options for you to choose from.

Energy Efficient Skylights

Skylight glazing is an eco-conscious solution for our customers looking for the benefits of skylights without compromising energy-efficiency. Glazing helps prevent undesirable heat gain, glares, and fading.

There are plenty of options available from Wasco and VELUX that offer glazing technologies for their structural glass products.