SKylight not an option?
Try a SUn Tunnel

Sun tunnels, often referred to as “tubular skylights”, offer a unique option for bringing daylight into spaces that would not be suited for a skylight or a vertical window., such as an interior bathroom or walk-in closet. Sun tunnels have a nice interior look, akin to a recessed light, with many optional accessories such as a solar nightlight, and multiple diffuser options.

If you have a dark hallway, or closet on the second floor, a new sun tunnel installation could be the perfect cost effective option for bringing more light into your life.

Velux Sun Tunnels

Synergy Skylights uses VELUX Sun Tunnel® Skylights as a cost-effective solution to providing natural light to areas of your home that may lack traditional windows. 

VELUX offers two sun tunnel installation options: flexible or rigid. Flexible sun tunnels are ideal for shorter runs that require maneuverability. Rigid sun tunnels offer brighter light for areas of a home that require longer runs. Both options are easy and quick to install when done so by a professional sun tunnel installation company. Our team at Synergy Skylights follows a quick, simple  process to installing sun tunnels in your home.

Sun Tunnel vs. Skylight

Sun tunnels use a reflective aluminum tube to allow natural light into your home from your roof, while skylights use a fixed window to allow light into your home from the roof. While prices vary for both sun tunnel installation and skylight installation depending on your needs, sun tunnels tend to be easier and quicker to install.

Both options provide natural light to otherwise dark rooms within your home.

Velux Sun Tunnels

Are sun tunnels better than skylights?

Depends on your home renovation goals! Sun tunnels are easier to install than skylights, but skylights can often let in more light. For dark rooms in the middle of the house, sun tunnels are the best option. It’s also important to note that many more skylights qualify for tax credits than sun tunnels.

Are sun tunnels worth it?

Absolutely! Sun tunnels bring natural light into otherwise dark rooms, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.

How long can a sun tunnel be?

The maximum height of a sun tunnel is twenty feet. Our most common install is 5-10 feet.

How much does a sun tunnel cost?

Depends on your project and home! For an accurate cost, we recommend contacting us directly for a quote.

How long does it take to install a sun tunnel?

Unlike skylights, sun tunnels are much quicker to install. Most sun tunnels can be installed within less than half a day (only a few hours).